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Create your way with personalized support for your Loupedeck. Here you can access guides for your console, as well as available plugins and software release notes.

Loupedeck CT

Here you can access guides for Loupedeck CT, as well as available plugins and software release notes.

Create your way

Here you can access guides for Loupedeck+, as well as available plugins and software release notes.

Loupedeck Live

Here you can access guides for your Loupedeck Live, as well as available plugins and software release notes.

Razer Stream Controller

Here you will find important Loupedeck Software updates. For any questions regarding your Razer Stream Controller, please contact official Razer Support.

Loupedeck Rewards Program

About the program

We want your honest feedback so we can improve. Share your Loupedeck experience, by leaving a product review on any online retailer and you will be entered into our monthly Loupedeck giveaway.

We will raffle one lucky winner each month who will receive 1 Loupedeck console of their choice.

How to enter Loupedeck Giveaway:

  • Visit an online retailer (e.g Amazon, B&H, Wex Photo Video, Microcenter)
  • Leave a detailed review related to your Loupedeck experience
  • Fill out the form, and copy/paste the URL to your Loupedeck review
  • Sign up for the Loupedeck newsletter or follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram for giveaway announcements

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Loupedeck Beta Release Program

As a Loupedeck Beta Release Program Participant, you get a chance to try out upcoming features and changes – and improve our product experience! Participants are always encouraged to contact us with their experiences, ideas, and concerns.

We especially value and appreciate active participants. To truly be a helpful part of the program, make sure to answer surveys we send occasionally about the new features, or if you feel more comfortable, you can also send us an email about your experiences with the beta software.

To aid us to improve the user experience, the beta software will gather anonymous data about your use of our products and services, which will help us to identify which features and improvements we should focus on next. To protect your privacy, we will process this information in a de-identified form, and any data gathered from the Beta release will not be used for marketing purposes.

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The application period is now closed! Thank you to all those who participated.

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